Life Preservers and Perspective.

There are days when things more than get to you…those are to be expected, but there are other days when you feel like the things make you. They make you by molding you, shaping you in different ways, stretching you, shrinking you, rerouting your lines and changing you down to your foundations.

Some of the shaping things for me are my job, my insecurities, the world, life and all that generally sums up being an adult who is attempting to human…it sometimes all feels so HEAVY.

There are days I feel like I can never do enough, be enough, or work hard enough to have a moment when the waters are calm and I feel like I’ve earned the right to breath in deep the assurance that I’m “ok”.

Then, when I hit my last hard wave, when I can feel the water cresting over my head, and I’m grasping at keeping it together, I am graciously and faithfully offered a life preserver. A small, weightless, nondescript and seemingly useless thing, until you find yourself in desperate need.

My life preservers aren’t life changers. There are still times that I battle for clarity and I still navigate tough waters, but I find help in the perspective altering little things that reset my course…the little life preserving things that are only there if you choose to see them.


Today a preserver came in the form of flowers, the unexpected beautiful blooms to say “thank you, I see you, I know you are trying”. This small gesture changed my perspective and brightened my day, sure, but it also spoke louder than the beauty and thoughtfulness. The thoughts spurned by those buds quieted the pieces of me that were calling out “be harder, be more direct, be less compassionate”. The parts of me convinced that there was no use in trying to be good to people or treat them as I would want to be treated when they remain dissatisfied and angry regardless were shushed.

Life overwhelms us all sometimes. If you look closely, you can see the people who are, in a quiet desperation, battling for their heart to remain soft, kind and malleable. We all have an innumerable amount of life preservers to throw out. A kind word, a note of thanks, a favor unsolicited or just a smile. You never know what your actions mean to others, so never hesitate to do the kind or thoughtful thing. Your actions could be just the thing that would brighten someone’s day when thing seem to be stacking up against them, or it could change the course of their struggle altogether.

Try hard not to ignore the little graces life offers. Small things, when placed in the right situation, or viewed in the right perspective, make all the difference in the world.

mk and sukes

Of course, all furballs are clearly life perservers with their kisses and their loves. Highly recommended to have at least one or two or three of these guys for a happy, happy life.


2 thoughts on “Life Preservers and Perspective.

  1. I love you Amy. I ain’t ashamed of that. You write prettier than you look, and you look good enough for the Garden of Eden. Now, those are words loaded with the wrong connotations, I know, and I confess to you that I mean you none of those wrongnesses. You are one of those stabilizers, one of those course correctors, one of those blessings that God Almighty Creator of All Smiles smiles at the rest of us who have eyes enough to see, ears enough to hear. The quest is long, and it’s a good life if you don’t falter. Be encouraged that you be an encourager, and take whatever heart you can when it’s offered. You know how far apart are those offerings. You are a piece of magic.

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