“Never Go On Trips With Anyone You Do Not Love” – Hemingway

Seattle is a gorgeous city – just gritty enough to be a city, just beautiful enough to not make you completely leery and uncomfortable. My visit was short, so I wanted to see the city as a pedestrian. I wanted to integrate myself into the veins of it and not carry around my map and my camera.


I just wanted to pretend, for a day or so, that I was just a loner, local girl. I parked my rental car the first night I was there and had no intention of moving it until I had to leave two days later.

The first night I had dinner at this wonderful restaurant in the Queen Anne neighborhood. I walked around for a bit until noticed its warm glow, soaring ceilings and enormous works of art. I glanced at the menu online and was sitting solo at a table for two just ten minutes later.

Just a moment on this idea of solo sitting at table for two. Many expected this to bother me or trouble me. A girl sitting alone for dinner – why is that so unusual? Why should I be worried that someone will think that I’m unworthy of a social companion? Why should the empty chair across from me signify anything about me other than the fact that I happen to be comfortable enough in my own skin to not require a seat at the bar or another’s presence? I digress.

So I had a wine flight and it was AWESOME.


Then I had mussels in curry and ratatouille – which was WAY too much food, but I loved every second of it.

Ten Mercer dinner

I finished my wine flight and luxuriated in the beautiful setting around me – the soaring ceilings, the hum of laughter and chatter floating up from the bar below, the wondrous delight that is being alone in a new place – then made my way back to my hotel.


As I was walking an older couple stopped me to ask me for directions to a certain bar. I politely informed them that I was just visiting and wished them well. I walked away, feeling a little guilty at the smug satisfaction I gleaned from achieving my goal of quietly blending into the environment around me.

I slept like a rock in the foreign surroundings of my hotel that night, completely at ease and prepared for the adventure I knew the coming days held for my hungry heart. I went to sleep truly in love with the person being born of my mess of choices, questionable habits, failures, successes, dreams and follies. I was loving being on the road with just me.


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