She’s needy.

She’s WAY too into herself.

She starts bitching at me the moment I get in the door.

Remarkably enough this is about a CAT – not a bad girlfriend.


She’s more photogenic than most humans – including me.

She makes messes on purpose and gloats over them.

She has NO understanding of personal space.

Everything is hers, nothing is just mine.


Yes, feign shame, you evil feline whom I love. (I mean, REALLY – look at those little bean feet!)

She’s the first thing I see in the morning (usually accosted by a paw to the face – ‘wake up slave, I need water and there are pooh clumps in my throne box‘) and the last thing I see when I go to bed (looks something like – ‘get off my sleeping square you call a ‘pellooo’ or I will continually rub my razor sharp fangs across your forehead).

I guess it’s not all bad.

She does this really cute thing with her feet when I get the rare green light to scratch her belly.

She runs to greet me at the door. I didn’t know a cat would do such a thing.

She’s low maintenance – and when I need her to GTFO, she usually complies, after about the 10th shove.


SUCH an actress. She’s actually trying to be the cutest thing ever here…she’s all fur and bean feet. My feline hating heart melts.

She completes my 34 year-old single woman thing. I mean, I’ve checked off all the other prerequisites…the cat was inevitable.

I may not be ready for a troupe of Mr. Whiskers, Patches and Mittens, but MeowKitty (yes, that’s her name) and I are doing just fine together.

This is the cat behind The Reluctant Cat Lady. She’s a pretty little rescue kitty and – if I’m honest – I couldn’t imagine not having my MK around these days.

Now you’ve been adequately introduced. Below is a perfect mash up of our relationship, me and MeowKitty.


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